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Who Am I?

An Innovative Aesthetic Clinic

Welcome to Claudia's Cosmetic Clinic!

I'm Claudia and I'm here to help you feel and look like the best version of yourself! I aim for my clients to leave my clinic feeling confident and in love with themselves! 

I'm an aesthetic practitioner who has been in the beauty and cosmetics industry for over 13 years. 

I started my career working in beauty salons and after a few years decided I wanted to start teaching and training other aspiring therapists! So I completed my teaching qualifications and spent another few years teaching beauty therapy to college students. I LOVE teaching and still do to this day!

I took a couple of years out to travel the world and when I returned back to the UK I decided to start my journey in aesthetics. 

I started Claudia's Cosmetic Clinic, offering a range of aesthetic treatments in Bracknell.  Since opening, I have gradually been broadening my knowledge and skills to be able to deliver a variety of services to my clients. 

I pride myself in being able to cater to every clients individual needs and take my time to assess and discuss expectations. I don't follow a one size fits all approach! 

After visiting Claudia's Cosmetic Clinic, you can rest assured that you will receive a lifetime of support and aftercare advice. 

I never leave my clients at the door and say goodbye forever! 

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